Start-Up Community

Start-Up Community

Lincoln embraces new business.

Lincoln continually ranks as one of the best places to do business in America. With low business costs, a strong workforce, and robust business climate, many Lincoln business leaders will tell you it’s hard to fail in Lincoln.

Start-up Community

The Big Plate

The Big Plate is an exclusive, membership community for entrepreneurs, artists and innovators to connect, collaborate, and create. Think of it as a virtual think tank, a trusted advisory board, and your on-demand education center for fresh ideas and good conversation. Big Plate members can help solve two core problems: getting started and keeping going. The community gives you a seat at the table to ask questions, share stories, and build connections.


eXtension is an interactive learning environment delivering the best, most researched knowledge from the best land-grant university minds across America. eXtension connects knowledge consumers with knowledge providers – experts who know their subject matter inside out.
eXtension is unlike any other search engine or information-based website. It’s a space where university content providers can gather and produce new educational and information resources on wide-ranging topics. Because it’s available to students, researchers, clinicians, professors, as well as the general public, at any time from any Internet connection, eXtension helps solve real-life problems in real time.

Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program

The Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program is the source for assistance through all phases of establishing a food business. The Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program was designed specifically to assist food manufacturing entrepreneurs; from developing a product formulation and process, through introduction to the market. The program begins with a one-day “From Recipe to Reality” seminar that provides entrepreneurs with an understanding of the key factors that need to be considered when starting a food manufacturing business

Fuse Coworking

FUSE is a coworking space where Lincoln’s knowledge-workers, creatives and technologists can come and work in an exciting, stimulating professional environment that provides collaboration, community and creativity. Memberships are either daily or month-to-month, there’s no setup fee, and you can cancel at any time. But Fuse Coworking is more than desks, meeting rooms and wi-fi. Fuse is a community, a place where we can collaborate, and create amazingly great stuff. It’s a place where small companies can come and grow all located in the Haymarket. Fuse also arranges for speakers to share their skills, knowledge and to expertize with the community.

Mastercraft Advisors

Mastercraft Advisors combines expertise in the critical business areas of legal, banking, accounting and IT tailored to meet the needs of startups and entrepreneurs. Four established and respected organizations have come together to bridge the gap between startups and service providers and better serve this important segment of the business community.

UNL Center for Entrepreneurship

The Center for Entrepreneurship sponsors conferences, competitions and community outreach programs to create growth and competition in local businesses.

Business Accelerator & Incubators

  • N/Motion
    NMotion is a mentor-driven, education-focused, startup accelerator based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Similar to the TechStars format, it provides an intense 12-week program designed to get startups moving forward faster and more effectively. Offering $15,000 seed funding to each accepted team, hands-on education and access to a group of highly engaged mentors. The focus of the program is to identify early-idea stage startups, and then help create high-growth software and technology-based businesses in targeted industries of financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation/logistics, communications, and agriculture. The program is located within the existing FUSE Coworking space in the Haymarket.
  • Nebraska Innovation Campus
    Business Accelerator information to come.
  • Southeast Community College Entrepreneurship Center
    Southeast Community College Entrepreneurship Center serves as a resource center for anyone interested in Entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship Center provides incubator space for qualifying business to assist in the startup process. Tenants benefit from a program of business education and support during the crucial start up and growth phases. The center offers one-on-one coaching to anyone interested in starting their own business or looking for direction on their path to business independence. The center also hosts credit and non-credit classes on Entrepreneurship. SCC offers programs for Associates of Applied Science Business Administration Entrepreneurship Focus Degree, or a Business Administration Entrepreneurship Certificate.
  • Turbine Flats
    The Turbine Flats Project’s mission is to create a robust, self-sustaining, collaborative environment for small and start-up businesses to bring their products and ideas to market. The Idea Community will provide a first home for little or no cost to entrepreneurs and help them focus on their business rather than be consumed with basic real estate issues that could otherwise detract from the crucial idea development stage.

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