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The Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED) is a public-private collaboration charged with fulfilling Lincoln’s Economic Development goals.  Job growth and business expansion are critical components of a vibrant and thriving community.  The Lincoln Partnership is committed to supporting Lincoln’s continued success as a place of business expansion, growing talent and endless opportunities. Our primary areas of focus are Business Development, Business Retention & Expansion, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Talent Strategy in Lincoln. 

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'Profile image for' + Jason Ball, IOM
Jason Ball, IOM
Jason Ball, IOM, President
Luke Peltz, Vice President
'Profile image for' + Kevin Koester
Kevin Koester
Director of Business Development
Kevin Koester, Director of Business Development
'Profile image for' + Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker
Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker
Director of Talent Strategy
Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker, Director of Talent Strategy
'Profile image for' + Allison Hatch
Allison Hatch
Director of Workforce Development
Allison Hatch, Director of Workforce Development
'Profile image for' + Kathy Andersen
Kathy Andersen
Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Kathy Andersen, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
'Profile image for' + Chloe Higgins
Chloe Higgins
Workforce Development Project Administrator
Chloe Higgins, Workforce Development Project Administrator
'Profile image for' + Bruce Bohrer, JD IOM
Bruce Bohrer, JD IOM
General Counsel
Bruce Bohrer, JD IOM, General Counsel
'Profile image for' + Brooke Zimmerman
Brooke Zimmerman
Senior Director of Marketing & Program Development
Brooke Zimmerman, Senior Director of Marketing & Program Development
'Profile image for' + Jeannie Mutum
Jeannie Mutum
Creative Director
Jeannie Mutum, Creative Director
'Profile image for' + Chris Whitney
Chris Whitney
Communications Coordinator
Chris Whitney, Communications Coordinator
'Profile image for' + Lillie Newkirk
Lillie Newkirk
Marketing Coordinator
Lillie Newkirk, Marketing Coordinator
'Profile image for' + Katie Bohlmeyer
Katie Bohlmeyer
Business Policy Advocate
Katie Bohlmeyer, Business Policy Advocate
'Profile image for' + Diane Pryor
Diane Pryor
Executive Assistant
Diane Pryor, Executive Assistant

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