Lincoln, Omaha Young Professionals Gather at State Capitol, Support LB 627 Passage

Over 80 members of the Lincoln Young Professionals Group and Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals attended YP Day at the Capitol on Thursday, February 6.

The sold-out event provided the chance for the young professionals to obtain foundational information about political parties, the function of local government and the history of the capitol.

Throughout the morning, the group met with both Democrat and Republican Party representatives in addition to Civic Nebraska, Dave Shively with the Lancaster County Election Commission and Lt. Governor Mike Foley.

The program also included a tour of the capitol and a chance to watch a live legislative session, as Lincoln State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks introduced the young professionals to those in attendance. A lunch and learn concluded the day, as both YP groups presented preliminary results from recent surveys in addition to discussions with five Lincoln and Omaha senators, where they asked questions and engaged in policy conversation.

“The salvation of the state is watchfulness in the citizen,” said Jordan Gonzales, chairman of Lincoln YPG. “This event underscores our mission to empower young professionals to be community advocates, learners, and leaders.” 

In the 2020 Legislative Session, Lincoln YPG supports numerous bills, including LB 627, a bill that prohibits discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity, and LB 720, which overhauls Nebraska’s economic incentives program and provides better investments and better jobs to the state.

Lincoln YPG and the Greater Omaha Young Professionals have issued a joint statement regarding their support of LB 627:

“Equality before the law. Our state motto embodies the spirit of Nebraska – a place where all are welcome to pursue ambitious dreams as vast as the plains. LB 627 provides protection in the workplace from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, in the exact same way current Nebraska law offers protection on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, marital status, and national origin.

It’s the right thing to do. There should be no room for discrimination of any kind in the workplace. LB 627 works to ensure that Nebraska’s business climate remains competitive and inclusive so we can continue to compete nationally. The number one challenge facing Nebraska businesses is finding and retaining quality workers. The same holds true for companies looking to locate in Nebraska. The modern economy necessitates environments that are respectful to all. Employees need to know they will be protected by law if they choose to work in Nebraska because the reality is our lives and workplaces are more mobile than ever before and it is easy for an employee to simply say, “I’ll go somewhere else.”

Now is the time to act. Lincoln and Omaha have been in support of this issue for five years. Just recently, the State Chamber of Commerce along with Norfolk have also announced their support of LB 627. We need to act swiftly if Nebraska wishes to remain attractive to workers and companies. 

We are proud Nebraskans. We love our state and its people. We value a collaborative community that empowers all young professionals. We support LB 627 because having top talent in Nebraska is our main priority. We ask you to join us and send a message that Nebraska is The Good Life and that it is open for business for all.” 

Lincoln Young Professionals Group serves as a hub to engage young professionals in the community. Lincoln YPG is the largest in the city and state of Nebraska and is in the top 10 YP groups in the country, representing over 2,000 young professionals

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