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Photo credit: LeverageRx

Colin Nabity of startup, LeverageRX, gives credit to NMotion and the Startup Collaborative for helping his team. LeverageRX is the recent winner of a $10,000 prize given at the YPO EDGE Conference In Vancouver; for successfully competing in an accelerator program sponsored by YPO and Columbia Business School. LeverageRx was also the 2016 JumpStart Challenge winner. Read More >> bit.ly/2mVlpdf

Photo Credit: Kristin Streff, Journal Star

Evol Empire Creative founder Andrew Tuzson relocated from Denver, attracted to Lincoln by lists ranking the city high for family life and its booming economy. See the Lincoln Journal Star article, here

NMotion manager Keevin O’Rourke’s journey from Cedar Rapids to Lincoln. Read More >> bit.ly/2jBssXy

Nebraska Provides Monolith with Values and Horsepower: Monolith re-locates its manufacturing HQ to the Lincoln area.

See how Rise of the Rest rocked the Silicon Prairie

What will we do next? Just watch us!

CBS This Morning interviews the #SiliconPrairie

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